Our Educational Programme

Pakistan Grammar High School is dedicated to taking extra special care of all your preschooler’s early learning needs. We realize each child is special and we will help and encourage your child to learn and develop.

The preschool classes for the children aged three and four years complete very important preschool learning programs and skills which give the children the understanding and the recognition of phonic sounds, counting and also recognizing numbers, quantities, colour and shapes; plus pre-reading and pre-writing programs such as writing their own names and recognizing the same.

Our Curriculum is based around the Early Years Stage (EYS) framework incorporates methods from Montessori. Keeping each child’s individual strengths and interests at heart and where children are granted the freedom to explore and play, igniting their passion and excitement for learning.

The Designing of School Curricula requires a conceptual foresight and imagination. Exhaustive evaluation and improvements are made year after year to keep the curriculum dynamic.  All out efforts are made to devise the most effective method for the implementation of the requirements of the curriculum. While selecting textbooks we generally keep in mind the student learning outcomes given in the National Curriculum 2006. The Schools are affiliated with the respective Board of intermediate and Secondary Education.